Listening Exercises With Cyberpunk 2077 #1 – At the hotel reception

💪 French used at the hotel
🖊 Comprehension Listening
⏰ 20 minutes

Game Cyberpunk 2077
Year 2020
Developper  CD Projekt RED (ポーランド)
ESRB  M(17+)PEGI 18
Plateforme  PS4, PS5, X Box One, X Box Serie X/S, Windows PC, Google Stadia.


  1. Video
  2. Questions
  3. Transcript (page 2)
  4. Answers (page 3)


Consider printing the PDF and checking the questions before watching the video!


Main Characters
V (Main protagonist/Player choose the look of the character)
  1. Why do the protagonist ‘V’ and his friend Jackie go to the hotel?
    a) To eat
    b) For a wedding
    c) For a mission
  2. What problem happens at the hotel security check?
    a) The security guard lectures Jackie because he spoke to him using casual French
    b) The metallic keys Jackie had in his pocket caused an alert from the security system
    c) The guard discovered the military robot Jackie was carrying
  3. The room is booked under which name?
    a) Flathead
    b) Harry Conwell
    c) Ramon Victorino
  4. What room type did they book?
    a) Single
    b) Twin
    c) Double
  5. An unexpected problem happens at the hotel reception. What is it?
    a) The receptionist was about to inform someone of V and Jackie’s arrival
    b) The name of the reservation and the name Jackie gave were not the same
    c) The SID chip of V wasn’t recognised by the scanner
  6. Choose from below the best summary of what V and Jackie do to prevent the receptionist from calling Taki-san.
    a) They threaten they will blow up the hotel.
    b) They say that since they made a long trip, they will freshen up before letting Taki-san know of their arrival by themselves.
    c) They ask her not to call Taki-san because they want to make it a surprise.
  7. At the end of the extract, why is T-Bug annoyed by Jackie?
    a) Because Jackie is acting badly.
    b) Because Jackie does not listen to T-Bug.
    c) Because Jackie is taking his role too seriously.
  8. What are the false names of V and Jackie?
    a) V is « Ramon Victorino » and Jackie is « Harry Conwell »
    b) V is « Harry Conwell » and Jackie is « Ramon Victorino »
    c) V is « Flathead » and Jackie is « Konpeki Plaza »
  9. Refer to the dialogue and then complete the sentences below with the correct preposition:
    ( pour – depuis – à – avec – en – au )
    a) La réservation est …………….. mon nom.
    b) J’ai réservé une chambre …………….. une nuit.
    c) Notre voyage jusqu’ici a duré 18 heures …………….. Paris.
    d) Merci, tout est …………….. ordre.
    e) J’ai rendez-vous …………….. Monsieur Taki.
    f) Ne prenons pas toujours tout …………….. sérieux.

Did you answer all the questions ? If you’re stuck somewhere, look at the transcript on page 2 and try to find the answer. After that, check the correct answers on page 3 !

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