About French Thérapie

On this website, you will find 3 types of content:

Listes et playlists

In this section, you will find lists by topics to broader your knowledge about France, francophony and French culture, starting with a list of French music by genre! (more to come)

Culture et actualité française

There, you will find videos about French society, recent issues (SNS, masks, etc.), and presentations of famous French places and architecture (Notre-Dame de Paris, Mont Saint-Michel…). These are especially useful if you’re studying for DELF (B1 or higher) or if you want to improve your French for debate and discussion. These videos are in French, with subtitles in French, English and Japanese, and the full transcript.
I usually make these videos after having some debates in the classroom with my students.

FRJV – « Apprendre le français avec les jeux vidéo »

If you like video games like I do, here you will find videos explaining French dialogues from popular video games. Grammar, vocabulary, meaning of complexe or familiar expressions… here we talk about French!

I hope you’ll find videos that suits your interest and fuel your learning motivation!
Thanks for reading!

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